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Topic: How do the pro's do it

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    Smile How do the pro's do it

    What is the correct way to set up two computers to work together in a computer based studio?

    1st computer- mac G5 2.0 1.5 gig ram, motu 828, cubase SX3

    2nd computer PC running Gigastudio 3, VSL 2020 Sound card.

    I'm basically just using the 2nd computer as synth rack. I'm sending midi to the PC and returning audio through ADAT to cubase on the mac.

    Do I need to worry about sync? Would there be a benifit to using MTC or one of the other sysnc controllers in this situation?

    I don't have to sync any tape recorders or video or anything so do i even need to worry about a synchronizer???

    Should I be doing direct monitoring of the PC output through the 828?

    All audio that is coming into the mac is slightly behind the beat when it is recorded and that is another problem i have. I'm trying to find out how professional studios handle this when doing recording for a living!

    I'm not sure I have this set up the best way and would like any help anyone cares to give.


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    Re: How do the pro's do it

    I'm using two machines as well though they are both PCs. I do transfer data from the Giga machine to the SX machine periodically. I do this using ADAT lightpipe (RME on the Giga machine and MOTU 2408 mk2 on the SX machine).
    The only issue concerning sync is that I have to do the handshake thing with the lightpipe (RME out into the 2408 and vise versa). I have never had any issues with recordings being out of sync. My guess for your sync problem (and this is only a guess) is that maybe you have to change the buffer size of your Giga machine soundcard so that there is no delay from triggering via your keyboard/sequencer input.
    Hope this helps for whatever it's worth.

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    Re: How do the pro's do it

    thanks slinky, i have both sound cards set to 128 samples! I'm not sure how much lower i can go?

    The audio that is recorded in cubase on the mac is not horribly late, it's just that I can't help but feel that there must be someway to compensate for it that i just don't know about.

    Is every studio that is using giga on a 2nd machine moving the recorded audio files back so many samples by hand? Seems unlikely. How could the from the giga macine not be late? You have the following latency

    midi from the keyboard to the PC (through cubase to the pc)

    from the PC sound card (3.5 mls)

    into the mac card (3.5 mls)

    It's no wonder that the audio file is behind the beat a little bit!

    what i want to know is how do professional studios compensate for it. Is it done by hand or is there an eaisier way?


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    Re: How do the pro's do it

    If you are monitoring thru your 828 perhaps the monitoring signal may be delayed due to latency. I always monitor thru my Mackie analog mixer, never thru the 2408. If you have a mixer , give it a try it can't hurt. There should not have to be any compensation, it works for me!

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    Re: How do the pro's do it

    Also, if you play things in live, you can learn to adjust for a small amount of latency - as long as it's not excessive. As long as you play things musically with the backing tracks, you won't need any additional adjustments - as long as the latency you heard when playing is the same that you get during playback.


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