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Topic: where is gigapluse reverb library ?

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    where is gigapluse reverb library ?

    does anyone know if gigastudio3 include gigapluse reverb library ? or I should use third party one ? Thanks.

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    Re: where is gigapluse reverb library ?

    GS3 Orchestra includes GigaPulse Pro. You can use it as the ambience on everything that you play through GigaStudio.

    If you want to use GigaPulse on the audio tracks in your DAW, there are two options:

    1) Get GigaPulse VST (a separate product, not yet released)
    2) Get a GSIF2 audio card and route any audio that you want into the audio input of GS3 Orchestra.


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    Re: where is gigapluse reverb library ?

    Raises a good question though. Short of recording my own impulses (which I am neither inclined nor equipped to do), where will we get new Gigapulse Impulses from? Given Tascam's recent track record on updates and releases, I won't be holding my breath for new GP IR content (and want them to focus on ironing out GS3 bugs anyway.) Can we use impulse libraries created for other convolution reverbs like Altiverb? Or is there enough of a marketplace for developers to release new GP ones for purchase?

    Not that I've exhausted all of the current GP content (by any means.) Just know that I eventually will...

    -- David

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