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Topic: GPO Reviews up at Gary's site...

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    GPO Reviews up at Gary's site...


    Just a heads up. Gary has put up some of the wonderful reviews Garritan Personal Orchestra has received in the past year. Take a look.

    Reviews Page at PersonalOrchestra.com

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    Re: GPO Reviews up at Gary's site...

    Cool! But it's a shame (though no one here can help it of course) only a few GPO reviews are fully readable... I hoped to spend a few hours reading great stuff about GPO while I'm waiting at the door for the postmen who will deliver GPO anyday now... But I guess this forum will have to fill up the gap... I always LOVE to read ALL I can about great things I've ordered!

    I have to say... I just read one of those full reviews and I'm getting more and more exctited after every sentence! Man, I can hardly wait until GPO arrives!!! I have to say GPO is the FIRST 'instrument' addon/plugin I've ever bought, but I really believe (now already!) I could not have spend my money any better!

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    Thumbs up Re: GPO Reviews up at Gary's site...

    Bravo!! Very nice collection of accolades, indeed! But I think you need a nice CLEAR divider between the GPO and GOS reviews. And for those of us who might like to read the review (where that is possible) a nice clear "LINK" column (opening up a separate "Review" browser window) would be most excellent!

    my $0.02 ... KevinKauai

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