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Topic: License for multiple installs?

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    License for multiple installs?


    I'm thinking about buying GPO and I was wondering if it's possible to install it on both a WinXP laptop and a OS X desktop at the same time. Only one install of GPO would be in use at any given time.

    I'd like to use GPO with Sibelius which allows two installs (not in use at the same time). So ideally, I'd like to be able to use both of them on my desktop but also be able to work with both on my laptop when I'm away from home and still be legal at the same time.


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    Re: License for multiple installs?

    I would like to know too. I just recently purchased GPO and installed it in my desktop audio PC and I wondered if I can get a second authorization to install it in my laptop. I will be doing a lot of traveling in the next months and would like to use it. TIA!!!

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    Re: License for multiple installs?

    You are allowed two installs per GPO liscense. I have done this and it works just fine. I have it on my desktop and on a laptop.

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    Re: License for multiple installs?

    one thing that for me is always unclear...
    if i upgrade my PC more than 2 times, what should i do?

    new mobo, new CPU, new RAM = new windowsXP install and necessity of a new serial code

    if i do this three times, i have to ask for a new license? will this be a problem? will this require a lot of time?

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    Re: License for multiple installs?

    No, there is a process for this. Basically it boils down to de-authorizing an old install and authorizing a new one. You don't have to buy new liscenses just because you change hardware. This goes for new PC's. You deactivate the software on the one you're dumping and activate the new one.

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    Re: License for multiple installs?

    I've asked Gary this directly in emails, but never heard back so I'll try here. We at Unheard Beethoven were wondering if the "two install" license would allow me in Wisconsin to use one install, and my partner-in-crime Willem in the Netherlands to use the other, since we're part of the same project, using it together. The license language is less than clear. Of course, I suppose we could just do it and who would be the wiser but we want to cooperate with Gary and not abuse his good will.

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