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Topic: GPO or Gigastudio Solo + GOS Lite?

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    Question GPO or Gigastudio Solo + GOS Lite?


    I was wondering which way to go: buy the GPO with its Kontakt player engine and ease of use or go for the GS3 / GOS Lite combination which is a little bit more expensive but "includes GS3" and the simple version of the Gigapulse.
    Would the playablity be equal or are there definite pro's and con's to each of them?
    I would only be doing smaller ensembles and (almost) no complete orchestral work.

    Thanks for any input.



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    GPO plus Voxengo's Pristine Space.
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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    Re: GPO or Gigastudio Solo + GOS Lite?

    GPO... Here's a breakdown...


    Comes with everything you need to get started
    Easy to use
    Compact size and structure
    Instrument programming similarly applied to all instruments
    Great price
    Works well on most computers
    Ensemble building
    Equally capable of huge orchestrations
    Excellent customer support
    Upgrade coming soon

    Some limitations due to RAM (Upgrade will take care of this)
    Kontakt Player will only play GPO samples (can upgrade to full Kontakt at upgrade price)

    Giga 3:

    Gigapulse (limited though)
    Good streaming engine
    Decent quality samples included
    No RAM limitations due to streaming

    Not very stable (my experience)
    CPU heavy at times
    Limited sample instruments (no small ensembles or solos)
    Crappy tech support
    Programming across instruments not uniform
    Expensive for what you're getting
    Mucho hard drive space needed for samples

    Nothing against GOS, since it is an excellent library, but Giga 3 is just not an attractive option to me.

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    Re: GPO or Gigastudio Solo + GOS Lite?

    I bought GS3 Orchestra recently as GS is an industry standard in samplers. I hadn't planned on making any further purchases in that regard for the time. However, I got to looking at GPO and thought $250 was such a low price for what they offered it was worth a shot, since I was already covered with a sampler for any libraries I wanted to buy in the future via GS3.

    GPO is absolutely fabulous to work with, is stable and sounds great. Additionally, there's an excellent community of supportive people here on their forums. Support comes rapidly either from the folks on the forum or Gary himself. It all feels very personal.

    A lot of the question comes down to your needs. If you're planning on adding sample library after sample library, GS is an extremely popular format. Although it's fair to say that GS3 has a significant number of technical problems, there are workarounds for most (once again, from a great forum community here). As software samplers go, it's one of the monsters in the industry and if you're looking to continually expand, it's a good bet.

    However, if having a good quality orchestra at your fingertips is all you need for your current work, GPO is an extremly good bang for pretty much any buck. If I had to choose one for my current needs, I'd probably go with GPO. However, if you're looking to build a large sample library, GS3 will serve you well.

    Is that a vague enough answer?
    Christopher Duncan
    Author of
    Unite the Tribes and The Career Programmer

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    Smile Re: GPO or Gigastudio Solo + GOS Lite?

    Thanks all for your input,

    I will go (more exactly I went) for GPO. I ordered my copy yesterday and will have it next week (not in stock).

    Very eager to try it out.

    Greetings and have a nice day.


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    Re: GPO or Gigastudio Solo + GOS Lite?

    Just listen to some of the demos posted by GPO users on this forum.
    Technical support for GPO is superior. No complaining in these threads either.
    Product authorization is better also.
    It's $250 well spent.

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