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Topic: Power Kit Drums (DFHS Specifically)

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    Power Kit Drums (DFHS Specifically)

    Hi All-

    I wasn't sure whether to post this question here or in the main sample forum as it's about general EQ/drum technique. However, since I use DFHS, I thought the Virtual Instruments forum would be the best place to start.

    While I love DFHS and am learning a lot about mixing, micing, EQing and compressing raw drums, I'm not achieving the results I want. Most specifically, I'm trying to get a real 80s sounding power kit for some pop songs I'm working on. I have an ambiance and power kit from Wizoo, but I'd rather use the better sounding and more flexible DFHS kits.

    I'm not able to get that huge power snare sound. In fact, the snare itself seems very weak in comparison to the kick and cymbals in DFHS. This could very well be the way drums work in the real world since I've never mixed real drums.

    I've found great resources onine about mixing drums, using EQ to boost/reduce certain frequencies to allow more punch. Does anyone know a good resource where I could learn more about really getting that power kit sound? Which kit, Sonor, DW, etc and compression techniques, ambiance, etc? If anyone could point me in the right direction, I'd be most grateful!

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    Re: Power Kit Drums (DFHS Specifically)

    Well, most of the 80's sound was trigerring the drum sample of the era. So, my guess would be program the DFH drums and then layer in some older samples on top. Pull out an Alesis drum module if you have it- that oughta do it!!!

    Otherwise, just add some short delay to the snare and lots of gated reverb to the whole kit.

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