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Topic: PMI Steinway D Giga3 Released

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    PMI Steinway D Giga3 Released

    The PMI GRANDIOSO STEINWAY D is now available in GS3 format!

    I proudly present the next generation of the GRANDIOSO Steinway D piano.
    It uses GigaPulse to enhance the body resonance when pedal down is used and when the key is released. This new version has 16 programmed velocity layers, pedal activated noises, real-time sustain pedal behavior and extra GigaPulse embedded content. It comes with the special PMI GigaPulse content pack from The Gold Bundle (room and body resonance embedded gig files). The dynamic range is drastically enhanced in GS3. The whole sample pool uses the remastered 24 bit samples and can be converted to 16 bit for lower CPU-load with one mouse click.

    The end result was tested by several concert pianists, who helped us develop a sampled instrument which could meet their highest expectations. There is no doubt in our minds that this is one of the best sampled pianos ever, a piano that will serve many musical tastes!

    Listen to these new GigaStudio 3 demos:
    IMAGES GigaStudio 3 version
    This is the basic 16 layer Steinway D patch with embedded body resonance to enhance the sustain pedal sound.

    IMAGES GigaStudio 2 version
    This is the GigaStudio 2 version, just for comparison!

    Border Country (by Bruce Mitchell, Socan Music)

    Border Country on Special Compressed version:
    The compressed version is a full 3 GB version where each individual note was compressed .

    The Wanderer The Wanderer Full Modelled GS3 version(by Bruce Mitchell, Socan Music):

    Available on 1 DVD. The DVD comes with a FREE special Limited Edition of the Gold Bundle pianos (3-layer full playable 88 keys versions of the EMPEROR and OLD LADY pianos). Normal value $95!

    You can find the product on our website here.

    We have a special time limited introduction offer: Just $145. Normal price after November 1 is $200.
    Upgrades from all previous versions are $50 in our on-line store.
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Smile Re: PMI Steinway D Giga3 Released

    Very nice sounding! And a very nice deal !

    I am fan of the PMI Steinway D and happy to hear the news!

    All in all, it's a good year for us pianophiles.

    Thanks, Fozzy

    (still on my wish list is a new fortepiano sample library).

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    Re: PMI Steinway D Giga3 Released

    Well this certain breathes some life into a very nice piano. I haven't upgraded yet and really haven't used this piano in a while. All that could change now

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: PMI Steinway D Giga3 Released

    I do recommend the upgrade for all users who upgraded to GS3. The new programming features, GigaPulse and higher dynamic resolution make this piano shine. And this one has a very intimate sound not offered by any other piano out there.

    a good year for us pianophiles.
    It's getting better and better! Seems like pianos have most benefit from the latest GS3 software. So far we have 4 GS3 pianos (Emperor, Old Lady, Bosendorfer 290 and Steinway D). If I were to pick only one I would go crazy about such a desicion!
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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