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Topic: Big snare samples and adding ambience to drums

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    Big snare samples and adding ambience to drums


    Could anyone recommend a cool drum library, with really "big" snare sounds. I am looking for accurate samples of acoustic drums (not electronic ones). I have Puuurrrrfect Drums library, and while the detail on the drums is very good, the snare doesn't seem to have any meat to it.

    Also, how do you guy go about adding ambiance to you drum sounds (particularily the snare)? I have my dry sound coming in on one channel, and a copy of it coming in on another. I have tried various reverb settings to try and emulate the sound of an ambient microphone, but I have not had very satifactory results - they end up sounding a bit distant, and "washy" sounding.

    I have tried Steinberg's Groove Agent, and that has an ambience setting which produced the kind of effect I want - i don't like the drums sounds too much though (not very detailed) - i just want to emulate that effect. I have a feeling that I won't be able to get the sound with processing, rather I'll have to mix in another sample - so if anyone knows of a drum library with FAT dry sounds, and NICE ambient sound.

    Any advice/suggestions would be most appreciated.
    Many thanks,

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    Re: Big snare samples and adding ambience to drums

    If you are using GigaStudio 3.0, put the snare into one of the rooms. That should help a lot. You might also want to put a compressor on it, and do the typical snare-drum clampdown...trying to get that little pop at the top. That should help out.

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    Re: Big snare samples and adding ambience to drums

    The Larry Seyer Big and Beefy and Thunderous impulses in GS3 are quite nice. As Bruce wrote, compression is a key element. Less compression sounds more analog, natural, wooden, whatever. More compression gives an edgier, modern processed feel. You can also scoop it a bit with EQ - give it a good low mid boom with some sparkle.

    Usually the order is compress, EQ, reverb - for guitars anyway. I've only used this order for drums as well, but maybe some others here have good results with other ordering.


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