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Topic: Suitably "Proven" laptop for GPO Program.

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    Suitably "Proven" laptop for GPO Program.

    Greetings to one and all!-my first post.

    Firstly,thank you to Gary Garritan for his vision in making this set of GPO samples "affordable"; being a great lover of Orchestral music for the past 40 years,who would ever have believed that the ordinary man in the street would ever possess the means to constrct,compile AND HEAR his own compositions!

    Thanks also, Posthumously,to the many great Classical Composers of the past who have inspired us all-and especially in my case to LvB whose Symphonies are without peer in regards to utter belief in Humanity (IMHO).

    Sorry about that little lot-thats what Music does to you!

    My Question Please!

    I have read the "computer requirements" for running the GPO program:fine but does anyone out there have PERSONAL experience of a good,particular Laptop for running this program on?

    1.For example;the recommended RAM for using the whole orchestra is 1Gb-but is this enough?are we really talking 1.5 or 2Gb?

    2.Is the Pentium M processor "as good" as say an Intel Xeon Dual Processor (I do like the sound of this one-though it is pricey) and does it come in Laptop form?

    3.Then there`s the Question of Platform;Mac v PC;not to mention 64 Bit which is now available-this sounds exciting but as with all new software/hardware can the operating system cope before being thoroughly de-bugged?This all takes time and I`m not getting any younger!

    Finally(thank God,I hear you say!) the principal features I`m looking for are:

    Absolute stability.
    Low Latency( I presume this comes from a High spec.Cashe and Fast RAM ?)
    More than Adequate power.(I`m not asking for much am I?)

    Seriously though,A laptop with a PROVEN RECORD PLEASE.

    Any assistance on this one would be much appreciated.

    Thank you for your time and patience.

    Kindest regards,


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    Re: Suitably "Proven" laptop for GPO Program.

    My GPO machine is only a 1Gig memory machine. If you are only running one GPO instance (i.e., not the studio), I don't think you would even notice if you had more memory (there is a perprocess limitation in Windows that's hard to push past 1.3 gig or so). Of course with GPO Studio you can have 8 concurrent instances.

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    Re: Suitably "Proven" laptop for GPO Program.

    The Pentium M is a "designed for low power use" chip that's pretty dang close to a single Xeon. What it lacks is the 800Mhz FSB that some of the Xeon chips have.

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