I'm currently using an M-Audio Audiophile 2496. I need 2 pairs of analog stereo outs, so the Delta 44 looks appealing.

I have infrequent pops in my sound using GS 2.54 (not the 2 minute pop) and figure it might be the 2496. I'm hoping that I might get rid of the pops as an added benefit when going to another card with 4 channels, but wonder if the 2496 and Delta 44 are essentially the same, with the Delta44 having a breakout box and support for another two analog audio channels added. In that case I suppose I won't be any better off with the Delta 44 than I am with the 2496.

Darla is another possibility. Does it have multiclient drivers yet. Anyone had experience with either the Delta or the Darla, or any other suggestions. I'm focussing on inexpensive cards. I suppose I might be open to something a little more expensive.