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Topic: Is my sequencer good enough?

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    Is my sequencer good enough?

    I've been using CubaseVST for a couple of years, and still like it for my purposes--songwriting, recording guitars, vocals, and pianos samples. (Before that I was using an older version of Cakewalk.)

    However, I see a lot of praise for Logic (but don't want to go Mac), the latest version of Sonar, and am curious about the many other programs that are either sequencers or include sequencers.

    My basic needs are just "home studio" multitracking and overdubbing, and support for VST effects and VST instruments. Cubase of course does all of these. Am I missing much by staying with this older Cubase if I want mainly "realism" with a lot of control?

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    Re: Is my sequencer good enough?

    i think every sequencer is as good as the user.
    each sequ has it's advantages and disadvantages, so basically i would check which one you like most and work with it.

    the only thing i can add is that the newer versions of cubase have a latency correction, i think sonar 4 doesn't have that. i think this is one of the major points i am using cubase.

    please correct if i did overread or didn't see something about the latency thingy in sonar 4, would be good to know

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    Re: Is my sequencer good enough?

    Sonar 4 has full PDC (as did v3).

    Regarding Cubase VST, if it works for you, use it!

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    Re: Is my sequencer good enough?

    I'm just curious but....why don't you want to go Mac?
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    Re: Is my sequencer good enough?

    Just the expense of new equipment and new software keeps me away from them. I like a lot that Macs do.

    And I always liked that game in their all-in-one-units (I forget the name of it from 6-7 years back) that had the player being chased by a T-Rex.

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