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Topic: GPO used in Storyeum - Vancouver's newest tourist attraction

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    GPO used in Storyeum - Vancouver's newest tourist attraction

    Vancouver Canada's newest and most popular tourist attraction is Storyeum. It opened just his past summer and is located in the historic Gastown section of downtown Vancouver. Storyeum is an interactive journey that takes visitor attractions to a whole new level.

    The guided 72-minute tour that takes audiences through a series of seven underground theatres that span an area the size of six hockey rinks. The $22.5 million attraction, which features two of the world's biggest lifts, involves elaborate sets, dozens of performers, storytellers, video, and state-of-the-art effects and lighting to create a unique experience for the visitor. Storyeum uses engaging music and performances to tell the stories and histories of of Western Canada, its people and legends. http://www.storyeum.ca/home.html

    GPO was used extensively for the music that is heard in Storyeum

    Crispin Hands and Jeremy Soule were the composers for the Storyeum attraction. Their music brought the experience to life!

    If you are visiting Vancouver I urge you to visit Storyeum. I'm in Vancouver from time to time and maybe I'll see you there.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: GPO used in Storyeum - Vancouver's newest tourist attraction

    Thanks Gary,

    One of the best vacations we ever had was in that area. But that was over 30 years ago. I think i's time to go back. I've been longing to see Vectoria again. Many happy memories.


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