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Topic: "Convert to GS3" Error Messages

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    "Convert to GS3" Error Messages

    I've been getting endless error messages while using the sample "Convert to GS3" feature. It happens when I attempt to convert libraries that were originally released as Akai, but which I had imported and used without incident with GS2.x.

    I'm beginning to think that I should reload these libraries from scratch - from the original Akai discs - in order to avoid these error messages, although I don't know that I won't just have the same problem.

    I also don't know if any improvements have been made in GS3's ability to intelligently import these somewhat outdated libraries.

    Should I use GS3 to import these Akai libraries from scratch - or is there a compelling reason to use a 3rd party program to do it?


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    Re: "Convert to GS3" Error Messages

    I've noticed a similar thing... Never tried to re convert from akai to GS3..

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    Re: "Convert to GS3" Error Messages

    Same here - and yeah, mostly old akai stuff i converted many moons ago.

    Convert maybe a dozen samples - then ew.sys BSOD. Reboot - try again.

    Got tired of it finally. And gave up.

    And i have no patience in reconverting the old akai stuff - most i never use anymore (eg Advanced Orchestra, etc).

    I still dont know if there is a distinct advantage in converting to GS3 format. I remember someone saying that it actually slows down the loading processs. Hmmmm.

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    Re: "Convert to GS3" Error Messages

    Be forewarned, this process is capable of detroying your GS3 installation. I have wasted 2 hours trying to rebuild the Quick Sound Database and the program is dead in the water. Luckily, I imaged this drive recently.

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