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Topic: For 3.02 - Install 3.01 first, or ???

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    For 3.02 - Install 3.01 first, or ???

    Hi, folks,

    I downloaded 3.01, but haven't installed it, because 3.0 wasn't giving me problems for my usage. Now 3.02 is out, and I've downloaded it, too.

    When I finally get my courage up, do I need to install 3.01 first, and then 3.02? Or, do I just update to 3.02? What's the recommended course of action? I'd appreciate actual experience over theoretical responses, please. Which did you do, and did it work?

    TIA for any responses.

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    Re: For 3.02 - Install 3.01 first, or ???

    First, make sure you do NOT uninstall version 1 (the notes in both tell you this).

    Given I am trying to keep my version as current as possible, I installed the v3.01 version when it came out, then the v3.02 when it came out. You CAN just install the v3.02 upgrade; you don't need the v3.01 (the update notes make no mention about doing v3.01 first). Also, you will see that Tascam has removed v3.01.

    I had no problems whatsover installing either one.

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    Re: For 3.02 - Install 3.01 first, or ???

    Thanks, Martin!

    I appreciate the input!


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