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Topic: GS3.02

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    Smile GS3.02

    Today I am remembering the old Tascam Giga Forum, the hundreds of complaints,bickering, fighting etc etc.
    I do not wish to minimize the problems some of us still have with GS3 because for those individuals it is hard.
    We have maybe 8-10 postings/day on this Forum, a good portion of those is asking for advise. not reporting problems. I think it is time to give Tascam a cheer for a software well done, (late started), and well started!
    And cheers to the likes of Bruce, Jon and others who helped us to get going! Thanks, and hipp-hipp-hurray!


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    Thumbs up Re: GS3.02

    Love the way my Sonar 4 and GS3 in rewire mode works now.

    Good Work Tascam!

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    Re: GS3.02

    Yep, nice to get rid of all those negative comments.....well done Tascam :-))


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    Re: GS3.02

    Right on! There are still some bugs to be licked, but given that Tascam has already released 3.02, it shows that they are actively working things out. The software is well beyond just "usable".


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