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Topic: Patch/Bank Changes still not addressed in 3.02

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    Patch/Bank Changes still not addressed in 3.02

    I guess I will just post this topic evey week until they fix the issue.
    As I don't recieve responses from humans at Tascam, I can't be sure that they know or care. The issue is still not listed in any of their lists of bugs, and for me it makes the product useless. My operations are completely on hold until they fix the problem. GS 2.54 ran Finale articulation changes flawlessly...it appears they pay attention to this forum, so I will continue to post this message until I hear news.

    By the way, a significant number of my colleagues are refusing to upgrade to GS3 until they see this issue addressed. They have seen the results in my studio, and since 2.54 worked great...they refuse to shell out hundreds until the issue is solved.

    When a patch/bank change is supposed to happen for an articulation change, notes being played in the sus articulation lock and play for the rest of the piece if looped...or until the end of the sample. If you mute and umute the channel, it goes away...but only until another change which is usually only a beat or two away. Take into account the 60+ channels being utilized, and you have a horrible mess of cluster chords playing non-stop.

    HELP.....I need a 3.03 update like 2 weeks ago to fix this problem. You can't do much with software acting like this.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Patch/Bank Changes still not addressed in 3.02

    On my computer with GS 3.00 Program/bank changes working without any problem. However, when I install 3.02 than I start to get Stacked notes all the time.

    If i use automated system with CC 70, than GS 3.00 crash. I dont know how about 3.02.

    Good Luck Tascam...

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    Re: Patch/Bank Changes still not addressed in 3.02

    I didn't get stuck notes on GS3.00, but I do on GS3.01. (I'm using Sonar.) I'm considering doing a GigaClean and going back to 3.00. The other option is to use Rewire on 3.02.

    Anybody know if stuck notes occur in Rewire/3.02 if you do a program change while a note is still playing?

    This is the #1 bug for me. I would also like legato to work from Sonar playback. After those are fixed, I'll be golden.


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    Re: Patch/Bank Changes still not addressed in 3.02

    Yes, as for JF, I am getting stuck notes in 3.01 which I was not getting in 3.00...so I'd be grateful for feedback on 3.02, as I use neither Sonar nor do I use a Steinberg DAW, so my only reason for patching 302 would be the stuck notes being fixed from 301...

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    Re: Patch/Bank Changes still not addressed in 3.02

    You certainly have my support on this - I'm using Sibelius and have exactly the same problem. Jon Fairhurst's tip in an earlier post - of setting the note duration in Sib to 99% - seems to help, but it doesn't completely solve it because I'm still getting problems persuading GS3 to initialise patches correctly.

    I'm lucky - I bought a new machine for GS3 (hollow laugh at the thought of having a loverly new 3Ghz machine sitting there totally useless) so I still have the GS2 machine running and can use one or the other or both according to what works. But I do wish that Tascam would get their act together on this.


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