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Topic: GOS II (ESX) - Timeframe ?

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    GOS II (ESX) - Timeframe ?

    Could anyone shed some light as to when GOS II will be released, particularly for EXS please ?

    Regards, Max.

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    Re: GOS II (ESX) - Timeframe ?

    I think EXS (at this time) lacks some features that are needed for the programming that will go into GOS 2.
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    Re: GOS II (ESX) - Timeframe ?

    I almost started a thread on GOS 2. Does anyone have any idea what it will be like- or in other words, how will it differ from GOS 1?

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    Re: GOS II (ESX) - Timeframe ?

    I believe it will be 24-bit, as opposed to GOS 1's 16-bit resolution. Also, I remember either Gary or Tom saying something ambiguous about incorporating some techniques they learned while creating GPO.
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