Hey, guys.

Since I'm not sure which side of the fence the solution is on, I'm going to ask this both here and on the Overture forums. May even get two different sets of solutions.

I'm working on my first piece via Overture (for the Halloween music Gary requested, of course), and I'm wondering how you go about lining up the attacks when you're composing via notation rather than playing in real time with keyboards. In this piece, I have a bassoon part and of course the sample is quite realistic, including the fact that it takes a few milliseconds for the full note to come out of the instrument, just like with a real player. Consequently, even though I've got notes on the downbeat, they sound just a little behind the beat. (Other instruments such as clarinets, violins, etc. all line up on the beat just fine because their nature is one of a quicker response to the attack).

In some scenarios this would be okay, but on this one I want the feel of the bassoon to be top dead center on the beat. If I was a bassoon player, I would of course anticipate just a bit to keep my timing right. With MIDI and samples, however, I'm thinking some kind of nudge or offset would be the way to go about it. If I were in Cakewalk/Sonar, for instance, I'd select all the note on & note off events for the bassoon and slide them forward just a touch to get the right feel.

So, how do you guys go about this? Are there settings in the player that I'm overlooking, or is it something I should deal with in Overture? Any tips or tricks would be most welcome. Nobody likes a tardy bassoon...