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Topic: Gigapiano II - how to?

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    Gigapiano II - how to?

    Hi all,

    Have been fiddling around with GPII (I also have GP1, Steinway, Bosendoerfer) and am confused!

    At low velocities the piano sounds great..at high velocities it sounds, well, nt-so-nice...and then when I hold the pedal down the volume of the sound suddenly swells and sounds very strange indeed (to my ears).

    Can someone walk me through, specifically, what I need to do to tune it in???

    My uses will be:
    1. Rock, pop (i.e. in the mix)
    2. Ballads (think Elton John)
    3. Piano solos (think #2 without the band).

    Thanks so much -- GS3 is so much more complicated than GS2!


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    Re: Gigapiano II - how to?

    Buy or save up for a good piano, maybe?

    Or why not eliminate those upper velocities?

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    Re: Gigapiano II - how to?

    Perhaps you should adjust the embedded FX volume or wet settings for the pedal down resonance. Also, you might try adding a mic emulation or add a low pass filter to take some the highs off.


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    Re: Gigapiano II - how to?

    That is interesting. I had the same reaction to the first Giga Piano. When I held down the sustain pedal it had that exact same effect. Very bad effect indeed, drove me nuts. If that can be adjusted that would be great, but shouldn't it already come set up properly?

    I got the PMI Bos 290 and never looked back.

    The intial demos I heard of Giga Piano 2 were not impressive.

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