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Topic: Ernstinen, You Rock!

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    Ernstinen, You Rock!

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    Attention all Northern Sounds members:

    Ern, is one bad (censored.) I just received two awesome albums in the mail from Ern. Do yourself a favor and check out his site.


    Listen to some stuff and pick up his album Listen. I highly recommend it.

    Ern, I never had so much fun driving 20 miles to pick up my daughter as I did today.

    "I'm coming alive..."

    I just want to add that I'm a huge Floyd fan and I can hear the influence in these tracks. That just makes them doubly awesome.

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    Re: Ernstinen, You Rock!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ernstinen
    P.S., Joseph, you seem pretty computer literate. How can I include "Listen" and "Solar System Fantasies" for sale on my website? The provider is Broadjam. I'm sure it's easy, but I'm in the dark.


    I just nosed around and I can't find it. I know nothing of Broadjam. All I know is that when I click the buy cd button I get taken to the Broadjam index page. If you've got a link you just need to edit the hyperlink on the button. I don't know what type of software you are using to do the page or if you edit it from a template or what. Send me an email or something with some more details.

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    Re: Ernstinen, You Rock!

    I just wanted to revive this and ask, is that you in all these songs? You have a very versatile voice.

    Listening to Solar System Fantasies now. Absolutely love the third song, Mercury Dance or something.
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