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Topic: Sudden weird inexplicable loudness

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    Unhappy Sudden weird inexplicable loudness

    So, I'm merrily entering an organ piece in Overture SE 3.6.1 and using the full organ patch in GPO Studio, using 3 staves (LH, RH and pedals) and I get to bar 55 and everything suddenly gets weird. The piece is piano there (mod at about 35), but the first count of bar 55 is suddenly very loud for no reason I can discern. I've isolated it to the 2nd stave by muting and using solo voices. I've redone the mod and the velocity over and over and gotten nowhere, for the most part. If I put a low mod using the graphic window right exactly on the beat, it will play quietly but then it will be accompanied instead by a loud popping sound, which is nearly as bad.

    I tried deleting the notes, but the phenomenon just shifts to the next notes. I tried deleting the entire measure, but the phenomenon just shifts to what was bar 56.

    I've tried closing the programs and reloading, and rebooting, but still the same thing.

    What the heck is going on here? And how can I fix this??

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    Re: Sudden weird inexplicable loudness

    Sounds like you have a CC7 volume change at that point.

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