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Topic: problem loading gsp files

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    Question problem loading gsp files

    Hi gang,
    My GS 160 V2.54 has suddenly stopped loading .gsp files. It can still load the individual samples ok but does nothing when I try to load a performance. Hoping someone can help? Thanks if so.

    P4 2.66 1024mb ram

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    Re: problem loading gsp files

    Are you loading the gsp files from the right place?

    Rather than load them from the quicksound loading pane, you need to load them from the drop down file menu at the left hand of the top menu bar.

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    Re: problem loading gsp files

    I get the same error. Individual samples load up great, but my gsp's wont load at all. I get the "A problem occurred whilst opening the performance file" message.

    I open them via the file menu as is suggested.

    Please help,

    Steven J. Kukla

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    Re: problem loading gsp files

    I've gotten that error when right on the edge of filling memory -- I add one more instrument, then save -- and then when re-loading, it will no longer fit. It also happened once after installing other software, which caused new programs to take up space in memory, which meant that .gsps that used to work no longer did work!

    If this is your case, you might go through the windows task manager, temporarily stopping all extra running processes after a fresh reboot (and wait for the user initialization to complete, of course). Then start gigastudio and try to load your .gsp. If this works, delete an instrument or two so that the file will load again under your normal working setup, without having to stop extra processes.

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