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Topic: Official GPO Update is here!

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    Official GPO Update is here!

    Here is the link to the update on the Native Instruments page:

    GPO Kontakt Player Released 10/19/04

    NOTE: This updates the Kontakt Player as well as the library.

    You will need the login and password you recieved when you registered. If you need a new login please us this link:

    Native Instruments Product Registration Page

    The DFD extension is available for download here:
    Note: Users of the full Kontakt that already have a DFD extension need not download this.


    Please read the terms and conditions carefully.

    The X-Custom instruments are available (please read this thread before downloading):


    The official update documentation can be found here:


    Keyswitch info can be found in this thread for the short term until the PDF of the update is available for download:

    KS Assignments

    Thanks to everyone on the Beta team.

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    Re: Official GPO Update is here!

    Cool. Unfortunately I am going to have to wait a while till I find out why my PC is not functioning with GPO suitably. I gather the updates will be around for a while, right? From all the posts, it sounds like the excitement is building! Cool.

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    Re: Official GPO Update is here!

    Here is the link to the DFD extension. I'l post more when I return later.

    [ edit: these DFD links are being updated and will soon be reposted ]

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    Re: Official GPO Update is here!

    I have downloaded the NI update and the DFD extension. However, isn't there an update to a number of the instrument files to down load as well? If so, where do I find it?

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    Re: Official GPO Update is here!

    Does this update both the player and the library, or is there a seperate download somewhere for the library?
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    Re: Official GPO Update is here!

    It is just the one download.
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    Re: Official GPO Update is here!

    This updates both.


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    Re: Official GPO Update is here!

    I see that now that I installed the update.

    Thanks everyone,


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    Re: Official GPO Update is here!

    Very Nice,

    Thanks a million
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    Re: Official GPO Update is here!

    I'm getting 'Page cannot be displayed' - presumably a higher than norm volume of traffic is taking the site down ?


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