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Topic: How to install GPO update...?

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    How to install GPO update...?

    I'm a bit confused... When I start the update (which looks like the normal installer) it asks what I want to install... as if nothing is installed yet... Should I choose all options (the options I chose during my original install)? DXi? VST? Including the library...? I'm afraid the setup.exe will start the installation all over again... This is not the sort of patch I'm used to (which automatically updates everything): it looks like GPO is going to be installed all over again... So, what should I do? Choose all options I already have? Or...?
    I'm also a bit confused because this is a Kontakt Player update but the word Kontakt is nowhere to be seen during instal...

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    Re: How to install GPO update...?

    If this helps, I just blindly accepted the defaults and went happily on my way. It updated the VST, the DXi and whatever else it needed to.

    I then fired up Sonar 3.11 PE, opened up a song I worked on yesterday and everything loaded fine. I then explored the new interface and new patches and was happy as a clam.

    I say go forth and do it!


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