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Topic: Update Documentation

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    Update Documentation


    Below is a link to the GPO update .pdf file. Please note that, among many other things, the documentation talks about the optional X-Custom folder. The X-Custom folder will be made available as a separate download from the Garritan site within the next couple of days.

    Here's the link to the .pdf: http://www.garritan.com/Update/GPOUpdate.pdf


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    Re: Update Documentation

    Thanks a bunch Tom.

    Have a nice Day.

    For more information, check out www.jonathoncox.com/intro.html

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    Thumbs up Re: Update Documentation

    Thanks Tom,
    I've at least downloaded and saved a copy on my work laptop. Here, at least I can feel as if I have something to keep in touch with GPO for now. Looks fantastic! I can't wait to get back up and running to work through it all!

    Thanks again.

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    Re: Update Documentation

    Printing as we speak. Thanks, man!
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    Re: Update Documentation

    Thanks very much indeed Tom....wonderful instructions and such a lot to look forward too. All, that all of those who contributed need to do now, is to sit back and take the accolades. By, all accounts, all involved very much deserve it!

    Just one tiny observation on the instructions is that the page numbers are not!

    Regards and Respect


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    Re: Update Documentation

    What a tremendous amount of time and work!
    I really admire people that are perfectionists and pay close attention to detail.
    Thank You Tom, Gary and all others involved in this update!!!

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    Re: Update Documentation

    Mac users don’t despair. If you try to open Tom's great docs in Apple's Preview and you get gibberish, just use Acrobat Reader and they will open fine. Tom is certainly a man of many skills; great organization and explanations.


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    Re: Update Documentation

    Thank you for this. I'm reading right now and I'm amazed at all of the great new features you guys have added on. I mean, wow. I probably gonna end up reading this several times over the next couple of days. Thanks.

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    Re: Update Documentation

    I've replaced the .pdf file with one that should now be compatible with other programs in addition to Adobe Acrobat. The content of the file has not changed. If you were able to open and read the file before there is no need to download it again. This is mostly for Mac people who use software other than Adobe Acrobat to read .pdf files.


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    Re: Update Documentation

    It opens in Preiew so I think it is fine now.
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