Hello all,

I did a couple broad searches for library music but couldn't find anything specific to my question.

There is a music library out there (or maybe several) that sells on-off stock music tracks as immediate downloads in mp3 format. Obviously this is nothing earthshattering but when I checked out their composer submission form, it would seem that they don't actually BUY music from composers, but rather they just offer them and take a 5% cut on the license (buy out i think) price and the composer keeps ownership of the track and all the royalties should there ever be any. I'm not sure how the license works but I would imagine you'd need to adhere to some general guidelines. (i.e. 99 years or something)

I've composed stock music before and had to sign away ownership and publishing. I think this might be an interesting way of getting use of old tracks that are collecting dust - and still keep all ownership in case I ever wanted to use it somewhere else. Of course, submitting music doesn't necessarily mean they will accept...

Does anyone have any experience with this set up and have you had any success??

Thanks a lot!