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Topic: Can my Minimum Spec PC run GPO?

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    Can my Minimum Spec PC run GPO?

    I have an Athlon 1.7 Ghz PC with 768 RAM -will i be able to run The Garritan Personal Orchestra on this machine? If not in all its full glory, then could i get away with running a couple of instruments at a time?
    I'd really like to get the GPO as it looks and sounds fantastic from reviews and demos, but i realise i'm right at the minimum recommended spec. I run Sonar 3 Producer okay at the moment, if the PC starts to creak i mix DXi/VST's to audio and add more instruments, so I'm hoping this could be a workaround.

    Any help/advice appreciated

    PS i read that GPO uses ASIO, and won't work with WDM drivers , is this still true?

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    Re: Can my Minimum Spec PC run GPO?

    Tim, you won't be able to load a 'huge' orchestra with DFD and you probably won't get 300 voices, but you'll be okay based on your specs.

    WDM will work, but may not have the performance that ASIO offers. You will also have noticably higher latency with the WDM drivers. You may want to try it and see what your performance is. You find relatively good ASIO sound cards for about 100 bucks.

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    Re: Can my Minimum Spec PC run GPO?

    many thanks joseph, sounds like i'll be able to get a lot out of GPO on my machine in that case.
    I won't need to buy a new card i think, just Download an ASIO driver for my ever-reliable Delta 24/96...Sonar should support ASIO now, i've just not tried it yet

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