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Topic: Soundproof rackmount enclosures?

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    Soundproof rackmount enclosures?

    Anyone here investigated soundproofed rackmount enclosures for multi-PCs? Just wondered how they performed regarding cooling/ventilation. I've got my PCs in a small machine room at the moment but am relocating my studio so looking into short-term options, keeping everything quiet and cool in the same room I work in. The other option's small self-assembly vocal booths to house the PCs - anyone done this?


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    Re: Soundproof rackmount enclosures?

    My VisionDAW system is really quiet. I don't think it's soundproofed so much as the thing has very quiet fans.

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    Re: Soundproof rackmount enclosures?

    This is for multi-PCs so that doesn't really help. I have 8 x 2u PCs, a noisey rackmount UPS and Mackie 4u cpu - so even if I could cut the noise from each device drastically it would still all add up.

    The heat it all kicks out is incredible and I've had to install a small air-con in the machine room where they're currently in, so I need a solution which has proper cooling and ventilation.

    Someone else from another forum has just recommended me these:-


    which looks like it may do the job, still concerned about the heat though.


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    Re: Soundproof rackmount enclosures?

    A couple of questions with your rack, is it a genuine server rack or a telco rack? Does it have fans at the top of the rack? I am not aware personally of any silent racks per se, but, normally some of the noise should be able to be cut out, but that depends a little on the rack itself.


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    Re: Soundproof rackmount enclosures?

    I've got an ISORack and have been very happy. If you get the big one, you should be able to fit 5 pcs. I've got 2 PC's', a G5, and 4 spaces or rack gear in it and the noise is greatly reduced. Also, I just bought some normal 19" rack shelves and put the PC's on their side horizontally and it works fine. I can't imagine spending $400 for a computer Rackmount kit. A machine room is great but it's kind of nice having the gear in the same room if you ever need to get at it.

    Hope that helps - Jeff

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    Re: Soundproof rackmount enclosures?

    Hi Jeff, I don't disagree but working in IT meant I got my rack for free.

    The actual rackmount chassis I use are probably around $120 in the US, they are the antec one's which I find quite nice to work with. By the time I put zalman CPU cooler and power supply in I find they are quite quiet. It had no side panels so I did have to make them up which was quite easy, I did it out of wood. The CPU's tend to run between 29 and 40 degrees C at 25 degrees room temp. which is not too bad. The problem I can see that Ian has is the UPS. Not sure what to offer in that regards unfortunately.


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