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Topic: CPU in GS3.02

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    CPU in GS3.02


    My config : P4 2GHZ with 1Gig ram.
    CPU : 18% (without EQ, gigapulse...nothing loaded).

    Do I miss something or GS3 is so power-hungry ?

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    Smile Re: CPU in GS3.02

    Something's wrong with your system!
    Althought GS3 seems more CPU hungry than GS 2.54,
    in my XP3000+ CPU is about 3-4% (no fx).
    This was about 1% of CPU in GS 2.54!
    More or less otherwise GS3 works fine
    and I really love it!

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    Re: CPU in GS3.02

    Thanks Marco for your help

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    Smile Re: CPU in GS3.02

    I have the same thing happing about 16% CPU without anything running, no instruments loaded. What can I do to lower the CPU on start up In GS3.0


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    Re: CPU in GS3.02

    I saw something yesterday that scared me to death. A friend of mine sent me a screenshot of his task manager while GS3 was running... it creates like 3 or 4 different processes at the same time! I believe this may explain why your system is consuming so much processing power even when nothing is being played.

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    Re: CPU in GS3.02

    I've got the same problem. And when I load Gigapulse on a large piano instrument the CPU is up around 60 before I hit a note.

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    Re: CPU in GS3.02

    I've have a M Audio delta soundcard. I updated the driver (GSIF V2) and now when I'm starting GS3, the CPU is 8% instead of 18%. Perhaps it can help...

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    Re: CPU in GS3.02

    I did change 32 bit to 16 bit sound and that definately helps too! Maybe 24 bit is also an option.

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    Red face Re: CPU in GS3.02

    Thanks for all your help, this is a great news group.


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