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Topic: A little UPDATE celebration piece

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    A little UPDATE celebration piece

    After I couldn't turn off my PC since the UPDATE, I wrote a little piece in celebration. I used many of the new 'goodies' available...probably too many aggresive strings in there !! But I couldn't resist...


    Please forgive any sins in the mixing department and thanks for listening.



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    Re: A little UPDATE celebration piece

    You did all of this since last night? It's great! It would take me, oh...about a year to come up with the first minute of the song.

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    Re: A little UPDATE celebration piece

    Louis, I'm now frothing at the mouth to get home to listen to this.

    Louis Drekker is one amazing GPO composer.

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    I propose a series of "Thank you!" pieces to celebrate this lovely update!

    [And it's not even the Thanksgiving holiday yet!]


    P.S. And now for something completely different:

    My “contribution” (if the term can be stretched that far) is “Random Acts – 2004-1” (first in a series of one, one hopes!). The MP3 (at 160K) is here and the WMA (at 64K) is here .

    For the “record” the GPO 1.1 instruments are: Steinway Piano Light, Full Strings Sus+Short, Full Strings Pizz, Full Strings Short Bows, Basses Short Bows, Basic Orch Perc, Cellos Short Bows, Tpt 1 Ens2, Tpt 2 Ens3, Glissando Harp 1, and Vlns 1 Short Bow.

    In terms of “technique” not a single note was “played”. All were “drawn” in Cubase SX2 with a fair amount of twiddling to Modulation levels and Velocity, mostly at random.

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