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Topic: Humor

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    Talking Humor

    Since I've noticed a lot of humor on this forum, I thought I'd recommend an album that's not only exquisitely musical, but hilarious as well...'The History of the Bonzos'...They're kind of like Monty Python on LSD. (Lots and lots of LSD).

    They are most definitely not everyone's cup of tea, but I thought I'd throw it out there for your edification: "We are normal and we want our freedom!"


    (PS...the music is closer to Spike Jones than Nora!)

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    Re: Humor

    Is this going to take long cause it's all going to end in 2006. Says the man who knows the man who is the man that understand we don't know the man who knew the man that said we know the man who knows the man who said that he knows the man. Ya know, man?

    I like the Jerky Boys once in a while or a whale. 2006, huh!

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    Smile Re: Humor

    Like I said...lots of humor! Keep up the good work Mr. Styxx!

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