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Topic: Laptop recommendations?

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    Laptop recommendations?

    Hello and salutations to all.

    I'm interested in using Personal Orchestra both at home and while during business travels. Obviously one can't lug his workstation on the plane with him so I'm wondering if anyone knows of any good recommendations for a laptop powerful enough to run P.O. Dell? IBM? Any feedback would be much appreciated.

    What is the recommended amount of RAM to have? 1GB is the minimum specified but I doubt I'll be doing any "minimal" work.

    Thank you for your time and good day.

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    Re: Laptop recommendations?

    I use GPO as a secondary/portable composing platform for traveling, composing by the pool, etc. I run GPO Studio with Overture on a Dell Latitude D600. While I typically use Sonar, I use Overture on my laptop since when I am remote, drag a keyboard around, hence I enter a note at a time. Overture does this well and itegrates easily with GPO.

    As far as my D600 goes, I have the SXGA+ screen (the higher the res the better for a 14" screen - important), 256 MB RAM and a 1.6 GHz Intel M processor (equivelent to a 2.4 GHz P4) and a 5400 rpm HD. Though I will soon install 1 GB of RAM, I am quite suprised how many instruments I can load with only 256 MB. I get perfect performance with this setup.

    I also have an Echo Indigo PCMCI card though that isn't a must have.
    Craig Duke

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    Re: Laptop recommendations?

    Hi. Just posting so you don't make the same mistake I did I have an HP zd7000 that I've been very happy with. I even run some pretty heavy duty 3d animation apps on it with no problems. But, in my search for a better sound card or audio/MIDI interface I stumbled into the following today from http://home.earthlink.net/~rongonz/h...tml#Category_4

    "It appears that some recent Pentium 4 laptops use PCMCIA controllers that won't work with PC Card or CardBus audio interfaces. The problem one hears is bursts of "white noise" interrupting the recorded sound. This behavior is caused by the PCMCIA controller not being able to continuously feed the audio data to the audio interface. One PCMCIA controller built by a company named ENE is known to have this problem. This ENE controller is used in some laptop models sold by Hewlett-Packard (e.g. the Pavilion zd7000 series)."


    "According to the most recent Digidesign Compatibility Documents, current Hewlett-Packard laptops do not meet the minimum requirements for use with the Mbox or Digi 002 systems and Pro Tools LE. Digidesign is recommending laptops from Apple (PowerBook G4 and "ice white" dual-USB iBook), Dell (Inspiron 8500 with P4-M or Centrino), Gateway (400 series), IBM (A and T series) and Toshiba (satellite 1900 series)."

    If I understand correctly the first quote means I can't expect to use my card slot for music and the second quote means I don't know how much other stuff I can't use. The machine is less than a year old. HP support is trying to simply blow me off which kinda surprises me. I've had good luck with them in the past. The tech guy actually laughed at me and said, "You don't need another sound card for music. The internal is fine." sheesh. It flabbergasts me that a $2k plus system "does not meet the minimum requirements." I'm going to press it if I have to write Carly Fiorina, but it's irritating to have to go to that extreme. It makes me think there may not be a reasonable fix.

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