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Topic: keyswitch use in the update...

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    keyswitch use in the update...

    since most of the tips on the keyswitch use on the current update that you find on the pdf document were wrote by me on a fast mail to tom hopkins during the beta test period... i was wonder if you found them useful or have some suggestion on how to improve them... :-)
    please, post your experience on this topic so that maybe i can write down something more!

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    Re: keyswitch use in the update...

    Is it possible to use the keyswitches in notation programs like Finale? It's clear how to do this if you are playing the notes in from a keyboard, but what about if you're notating with a mouse?

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    Re: keyswitch use in the update...

    Yes, you can. You just need to add the notes in the track before the articulation change. All the keyswitch notes are in the first full octave below the playable range of the instrument. Or you can create a separate stave just for keyswitch notes. Just make sure that other stave sends to the same player that the keyswitch patches are routed to.

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