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Topic: The truth behind Fox News

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    The truth behind Fox News

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    I bought this DVD and watched it...quite interesting.


    I never was aware of Fox's right-wing bias, mostly because I don't watch Fox News I certainly won't start now, and will be showing this DVD to everyone I know who is not fully aware of Fox's unfair and unbalanced "reporting" (I use that term very loosely).

    I actually bought the DVD cheaper from here:


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    Re: The truth behind Fox News

    I'ts not just fox. Everything Rupert Murdoch owns (which is a lot) is basically a tool for the hard right to spread their message. The guy is a total scumbag


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    Re: The truth behind Fox News

    as bad as Fox is ( or fox-jazerra in the industry) sinclair is the worst!!
    this nonsense of them forcing their stations to air
    that anti kerry crap is out of control. even the morons at at fox thought it was over the top. and it gets worse, recently they fired one of their top executives for speaking out against this. it would be like cbs airing 911 two days before the election- with no equal time for he other side. regardless of which side you are on. in the end we all suffer when idiot broadcasters are obessed with airing propaganada in the name of journalism.
    for the most the whole concept of objective journalism is dead. news rooms are puppets to who ever owns them. you have have left/ right stations and now left/right internet sites.
    lot's of people telling you whatever you want to hear.

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