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Topic: John Edwards and Pat O'Brien

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    John Edwards and Pat O'Brien

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    Had to run audio on a shoot today for Entertainment Tonight (Insider? or whatever its called now) - yada yada -got to ride the Edwards fun bus, pin Lav Mics on both - some of you surely know that game. Anyhow, just wanted to say Edwards was very geniune. Super! Nice guy! He could have been a dick to us - but never was. All smiles - the E.T. producer was givin me s**t about a mic cable in the framing, Edwards shot back "Relax, we have plenty of time, these guys are doing a terrific job."

    Me thinks Edwards will be president one day.

    Funny thing -- one of our light kits went down in the interview - while we changed the P.S. - Pat OBrien asked "So how's Bill Clinton doing?" Edwards answered "Ehhhh, he doesnt sound too good, .... slowly recovering"

    Then when asked the question when the light was fixed, and rollin ... he answered "Oh, Bill's great! And cant wait to get out on the trail and give us his support" -- Hmmmmm, but Bill is scheduled in Philly next week ... we'll see.

    Anyhow - was a fun filled 13 hour day

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    Re: John Edwards and Pat O'Brien

    Yo Ern!

    Yeah, was a blast - glad my job has it's dynamics. Write music for documentary - 5 hours later go follow J Edwards around with a boom.

    As you probably know ... shoots like this are utter chaos!!!! And yappy, disgruntled LA TV producers are ummm, well .....less than nice in the thick of it!

    PZM's in the bushes ... hmmm, interesting!!! Even good lav's kinda suck. Never perfect, and producer always want to hide them, and then wonder why audio is bad. When i can (or have extra arms) i boom and Lav.

    And if they let me, just put a wireless on them all day.

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