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Topic: In Appreciation of Native Instruments

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    Thumbs up In Appreciation of Native Instruments

    I would like to thank Native Instruments for the work they did in making the GPO updates possible. They worked extremely hard to make these updates possible to benefit all GPO Users.

    Having worked with different sampling and audio companies, I have never dealt with a company so responsive, so communicative, so dedicated to excellence, so concerned and so willing to go beyond the call of duty. Take the recent updates - the Kontakt Player has been greatly improved. NI did not have to do this. NI could have insisted that their commitment ended long ago with the previous version of the Player. But instead, they worked for many months to provide us this update.

    This Update clearly shows how NI genuinely listens to their customers and developers. If we wanted a feature or an improvement, the have made every effort to make it happen. Some wanted larger screen fonts - and they provided it. Some wanted assignable controllers and they made it happen. The list goes on.

    Moreover, the NI team is one of the friendliest group I people I have ever worked with. Kudos and thanks to Daniel, Martin, Dennis, Florian, Achim, Clemens and the rest of the Native Instruments team.

    I cannot thank Native Instruments enough for their dedication, their hard work, their support and their friendship!

    Please jopin me in showing your appreciation to Native Instruments for providing the sampling technology to make GPO possible!

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: In Appreciation of Native Instruments

    Here, Here!

    3 Cheers for NI and GPO!
    I remain solely responsible for the content of my messages, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless northern sound source, and their agents with respect to any claim based upon transmission of my message(s). Rock on.

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    Re: In Appreciation of Native Instruments

    All I can say is a HUGE thank you to all involved.

    I knew my music needed to go to the next level of realism and I wasn't sure how that was going to happen.

    Now I know, and now I'm extremely enthused to make the music happen.

    Could NOT have done it without all of the folks involved.


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    Re: In Appreciation of Native Instruments

    When you have the combination of a talented development team, a company who truly cares about their customers and (most of all, IMHO) genuinely nice human beings, how can you fail to create magic?

    Hmmm, come to think of it, that seems to describe Gary's folks as well. Little wonder that together NI and GPO bring such wonderful accomplishments to life.

    Nicely done, guys.
    Christopher Duncan
    Author of
    Unite the Tribes and The Career Programmer

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    Re: In Appreciation of Native Instruments


    I think your level of service has pulled them up a level. Thank you for your commitment.


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    Re: In Appreciation of Native Instruments

    ditto on all the thanks

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    Re: In Appreciation of Native Instruments

    The amount of time it must take to write these programs is astounding.
    I had nothing to compare to, but when I bought GPO, I was amazed at what was included. My Dad taught me a saying when I was a kid, and it goes like this....

    a sale is not the end of a transaction, but the beginning of an obligation.

    Thank you very much Native Instruments, Gary Garritan, Jeff Hurchala, and Tom Hopkins and others that I don't even know.


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    Thank you NI and Garritan team!!!

    my cafepress store
    my fine art print store
    my music store

    Please support your fellow musician from Iceland where the currency has fallen 70% against USD and 90% against EURO! Every dollar or euro counts!

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    Excellent work NI, Mr. Garritan and Team! A marvelous combination! Thank you very much for all your hard work.

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    Re: In Appreciation of Native Instruments

    Amen !

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