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Topic: Am I screwed?

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    Unhappy Am I screwed?

    I just ordered GS3 Ensemble, and then afterwards noticed that it has issues with 64bit machines.
    I have an Athlon64.
    Does Tascam allow you to cancel your order?
    What we record in life, echoes in eternity.

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    Re: Am I screwed?

    I would suggest you call the Sales Department.


    If the order HAS gone out, you should be able to return it if you don't break the shrinkwrap.

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    Re: Am I screwed?

    Be sure you need to cancel - GS3 Orchestra on an AMD FX-53 seems OK (running in 32 bit mode under Windows XP of course)

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    Re: Am I screwed?

    For what it's worth:
    I'm running Giga 3 Orchestra on an Open Labs dual Opteron64. There don't seem to be any hardware problems, just some Giga issues. It's completely usable.

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    Re: Am I screwed?

    Thanks guys.
    What we record in life, echoes in eternity.

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