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Topic: Sonar Percussion Maps - from Jonathan Kerr

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    Sonar Percussion Maps - from Jonathan Kerr

    Jonathan Kerr has graciously gone through the trouble of providing drum maps for Sonar for the Orchestral Percussion. They are for use in the drum map editor portion of the piano roll menu in Sonar. The readme in the zipped file explains how they work.


    You can also find the Sonar Percussion Maps on the GPO SONAR page


    Thank you Jonathan for contributing and helping the GPO community. And also thanks to Matteo Bosi for providing the Percussion Instrument Definitions.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Sonar Percussion Maps - from Jonathan Kerr

    I want to second the thanks. I'm a piano player, and need all the help I can get in this area.

    I'm probably about as good at emulating orchestral percussion as Jay Leno would be at emulating Kiri Te Kanawa. (Not that I'd do any better at that either!)

    I downloaded, and will check it out. Thanks again.

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    Re: Sonar Percussion Maps - from Jonathan Kerr

    Thanks Jonathan! This makes looking at Sonar nicer...and we *know* that that can't be a bad thing...

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