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Topic: New update problem - AG strings missing.

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    New update problem - AG strings missing.

    Hi there,

    I have installed the update (without previously uninstalling GPO player) and I now have the new interface as shown in the PDF file that Tom posted a while back.

    Funny thing is, in the pdf file I am supposed to see some new instruments, i.e. agressive strings with the "AG" for section strings/solo strings and honky tonk piano... But I can't find any patch with the "AG" title for agressive strings though, and neither can I find the honky tonk piano... Did I do something wrong?

    I am running GPO from GPO Studio (v1.11 - haven't updated this one yet) and during install, I did not select the "install instruments" tab (which is probably where I have stuffed up?)... I only selected the DXi, VST and standalone versions for installation. I run GPO Studio in conjunction with Logic v5.51 side-by-side.

    Many thanks!


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    Re: New update problem - AG strings missing.


    As you suspected, if you didn't choose to install the instruments you didn't install the library. Do the install again.


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    Re: New update problem - AG strings missing.

    Where is this install tab? I don't remember ever seeing the option for this.

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    Re: New update problem - AG strings missing.


    It's not a tab, it is one of the questions asked by the installation software during the install routine. By default, the instruments are installed along with the player but the software does give the user the choice to install only the player by de-selecting the instrument install (in case the user later encounters a problem and only wants to re-install the player - not the library.)


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