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Topic: Win2K and GS3

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    Win2K and GS3

    I am not a fan of WinXP, and honestly would rather not use it. My OSes of choice are Win2K, OS-X (Panther) and Linux, but my limited experience with WinXP has not been good. I'm feed up with the bullsh*t from MS (yea, MS-OS sucks, and if you've not used anything else, you will likely argue with me), and really don't want to give them any more cash.

    With that said, has anyone attempted to install GS3 under Win2K? If so, what problems have you had, and what successes have you had?

    I would love to purchase GS3, but I will not upgrade to WinXP just to do it.

    Opinions please.


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    Cool Re: Win2K and GS3

    2k is fine for giga 3.02 i test all night long

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    Re: Win2K and GS3

    I tried it in W2K and it would reboot the system. I switched to XP and found out the WPA isn't the hassle I thought it was.

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    Re: Win2K and GS3

    Many of the newer apps are designed for Windows XP only. No support is available for W2K.

    Windows XP has been out now for over 2 years. I find it quite stable in a 600 machine training environment that I do various builds for (W2K Pro, W2K Advanced Server, WinXP, Windows 2003 Enterprise Server, Red Hat Linux 9.0 and Fedora core). It is the easiest OS to work with compatibility wise (and plug and play). It can be tweaked to have almost the same memory usage as W2K.

    In Microsoft current roadmap, Windows XP will be out for quite awhile before Longhorn is ready. This will cause more software developers to get hooked into this OS more. Maybe time to upgrade.

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    Re: Win2K and GS3

    I agree with that. Most of the time you don't really have a choice, you just have to pick up the OS according to the programs you wish to use. It is the case now with Logic, if you want it, you have to go OSX. In case of GS, maybe you really should consider do WinXP.

    Good Luck!

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