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Topic: So Simple, Yet So Hard!

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    So Simple, Yet So Hard!

    Hi Folks,

    I heard Wynton Marsalis speaking on PBS last night, and when he was asked the inevitable question about "what makes you different, blah, blah, etc....

    He said: (I'm paraphrasing)

    My father told me if you want to accomplish what other people don't accomplish, then do what other people don't do. If they practice 3 hours a day, then you practice 6. Don't come back to me after 3 weeks and tell me that you've been practicing. But after about 10 years, if you do this, then you'll really know something that other people, who have not done this, do not know!

    I think that's pretty good sage-like parental advice. Just thought I'd pass it around. Might even try it myself.

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    Re: So Simple, Yet So Hard!

    Thanks for sharing this it certainly is food for thought.

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