We will have our regularly scheduledGPO chat this Friday - October 22nd in our new Northern Sounds Chat Room.

Chat time is 1300 (1 PM Pacific), 1600 (Eastern), 2100 (UK), 0600 (Sydney). The room open an hour before.

Here is the link to our new venue:

(or go to the GPO forum and click on the chat menu in the menu on top).

Last week we had some unscheduled chat sessions and gave out new room a try. Everything worked great and now we are ready for prime time.

Our new room should hold a lot more people than IRC and is very graphical and interactive. There are emoticon buttons (can't live without those), audio emoticons (slap, whip, beep, and my favorite- harp), sizable fonts, color button to change the color of your text, and dockable windows.. You can also send and receive private messages.

Many thanks to PapaChalk and DeSound for making this happen.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Gary Garritan