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Topic: Questions on New Update

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    Questions on New Update

    Please bear with me as I am a little new to downloading files.

    I have GPO installed on a Mac. Am I correct that if I have my NI password and ID, and go to their website (nativeinstruments.com) that I can then click on the Kontakt Player upgrade and it will give me the updated Kontakt player PLUS the new GPO upgrade?

    When the download is completed, is there an "easy installer" to click on that takes care of the complete upgrade?

    Since I have dial-up, I am reading that many people have had to wait for 2+ hours for the download to be complete. Is this true?

    NOW, I just purchased a new PC to use as a second computer on which to install GPO. Do I have to install the initial set of CDs on the second computer before downloading the upgrade or is the upgrade a "stand-alone" program that doesn't need the initial CDs installed?

    I realize that I will have to register with NI on the second computer ASAP, but I was confused about what GPO software to load on it initially.

    All helpful suggestions will be appreciated. Sorry for my ineptitude in file handling.


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    Re: Questions on New Update

    Here goes...

    First, the update is just that, an update. You need to install the original before updating.

    The update is a one shot package including the new player and library files. You will need the username and password from when you registered initially.

    The update on the NI page is an installer so its click and go.

    Register before updating the second computer.

    The download will take a little while longer on dialup of course. It should have calmed down now, so maybe you can get better thruput.

    That is all I can think of at the moment. Post back if you have any trouble.

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