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Topic: X-Custom Optional Folders problem

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    Question X-Custom Optional Folders problem

    I have downloaded the new KONTAKT PLAYER Update but i can't see the X-Custom Optional Folders. I've also downloaded the X-custom OF, but what I have to do?
    I mean, I have to create the folder?
    In addition, my KONTAKT PLAYER have not the skin shown in the pdf file of X-custom OF update. It lacks of the upper bar.
    Please somebody one to answer me.

    Many thanks,

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    Re: X-Custom Optional Folders problem

    After you have unzipped the download, inside will be a folder called X-Custom. Inside this folder are the X-Custom instrument definitions. You need to place this folder in this location on your hard drive (Windows PC):

    C:\Program Files\Garritan Personal Orchestra\Library\Instruments

    In that location there will be two folders, Dry and Wet Audition. Place this folder in the same location as those other folders.

    When starting the Kontakt Player the X-Custom files will now be available.

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