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Topic: Key Figure Heads for Kerry!

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    Wink Key Figure Heads for Kerry!

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    There's also YOU guys too. Can't forget that.

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    Iraq Endorses Bush

    Hey, This is the campaign against Max Cleland recycled. Isn't that plagiarism?

    BTW, the Iranian guy might not be happy about his picture being used for Kerry. Iran endorses Bush.

    (I read the following article in The Japan Times last week in Nagoya, and found the electronic version here...) http://en.ce.cn/subject/US-election/..._2047215.shtml


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    Re: Key Figure Heads for Kerry!

    Bin Laden actually endorses his good friend George W. Bush.

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    Re: Key Figure Heads for Kerry!


    Here is a very interesting article about Bush's 2nd Term, if he were to get elected. Conclusion -- Bush may have a difficult time, given the decisions he has already made.


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