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Topic: Delta 1010 w/ GS3?

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    Delta 1010 w/ GS3?

    Anybody using a Delta 1010 w/ a newer, P4 based system and Gigastudio 3?

    Problems, bugs, hassles...?

    I am building a new system and have this card in my old, soon to be
    abandoned PC. I liked how it worked in there. (AMD Athlon XP 1700+, 1.4GHz).

    My new system will be a 3.X Ghz P4, probably an Asus motherbd.


    John Z.

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    Re: Delta 1010 w/ GS3?

    I'm running Delta 1010 and GS 3, and I also downloaded the new GSIF 2 drivers. All seems to work fine, if that's any help.

    P4 3.0
    1Gig Ram
    Cubase SX (on separate machine)

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    Re: Delta 1010 w/ GS3?

    I too am using the Delta 1010 w/GS3 -- and Sonar 3 PE on a 2.4ghz PIV w/1Gb RAM.

    No problems whatsoever - no hiccups or timing errors, and the GSIF-2 driver is rock solid. I love being able to bring audio from my sequencer re-routed through the 1010's Monitor section and into GS3 for processing with Gigapulse. Very cool!

    M-audio is one of the best in releasing updates and drivers for their gear in a timely fashion. I have no complaints. I think you won't either.



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    Re: Delta 1010 w/ GS3?


    Thats what I wanted to hear.

    What are you guys using for Midi interfaces?

    I have a MOTU Microexpress (Parallel).

    Is MIDI via USB ready for prime time?


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