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Topic: Progress Report

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    Progress Report

    About 60 intense hours into the problem of interfacing the "less expensive" stuff I have to speed the process of assembling music --I have a partial solution under way for we Mac heads who are cash shy.

    I now have Band in A Box interfacing with synths and with Kompakt (full version) but have not been able to get a live responsive set-up out with GPO or GPO Studio. I had to drop Rax out of the picture.

    I understand from Gary why he has made GPO Studio exclusive to GPO owners -- and will need to check with him on a work-around Idea I have that will not get him into tech support of other programs. I also could use a relative chart of GM signals to GPO and their actual GPO call-ups if anyone has them readily available.

    I have to offer MAXIMUM thanks to Don at Genisoft for offering me some innovative ideas. I Still have not heard back from the BIAB people who are in the know about their outputs and use of general midi. Their choice of 8 outputs to different core audio devices was supposed to run through Rax, but I have not get it to work --- and they have offered me a refund (Rax that is.)

    I am using a beta test program that has not been issued yet to create a solid replicatable pipeline between GPO and other origination programs of the economy price. It looks like a doozy -- and may be more expensive than many can afford....after it leaves beta test. PM me if you want to take a look at it -- they have asked the new issue not be spread too far --- as it may be buggy.

    On the new update -- I had lots of clicks today on low vibraphone -- but I am putting that down to maxing my CPU with too much else open.....or as someone once said "too many notes."

    Gregg C
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