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Topic: Shocking, Des Moines Register endorses,.... Kerry!!

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    Shocking, Des Moines Register endorses,.... Kerry!!

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    Hi All,

    I was convinced my local paper would endorse Bush. Their reporting over the last few months has seemed skewed toward the Republicans. So imagine my surprise when this morning they endorse John Kerry. I don't know if this will change any votes, but it can't hurt Mr. Kerry.

    I like their reasoning. Mr. Bush's administration has proven to be a divisive force in American Society and if reelected that won't change. Or as they said, "It's time to see Kerry as the person he is, not as the caricature created in the president's campaign ads." In addition the typical fear of a liberal president is fiscal irresponsibility, here their logic is impeccable, "But what's to fear from a liberal president? That he would run big deficits? That he would increase federal spending? That he would expand the power of the federal government over individuals' lives? Nothing Kerry could do could top what President Bush has already done in those realms.

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    Hopefully that long link will work.


    Steve Chandler

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    Re: Shocking, Des Moines Register endorses,.... Kerry!!

    Hear ,Hear !! Lets hope the OTHER 50% of Americans come to there senses..

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