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Topic: Poetic Justice !!

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    Poetic Justice !!

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    Gotta love live T.V.

    No better way for the universe to reveal you're a fraud !!!



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    Re: Poetic Justice !!

    This is the greatest day in the history of pop music, I swear to god!!!

    Souless, manufactured crap like Ashlee Simpson used to piss me off, then I just accepted that society sucks.

    Live television. Well, I'm glad this happened. I hope she cried. I hope her A&R rep had visions of losing all his fake credibility and I hope her record label had a late night meeting and they all considered dropping her.

    If all those reality TV producers were really sharp, they'd already be planning something like "The Fall of Ashlee". It would be a great show. Cameras on hand to capture her getting the axe from her label, getting kicked out of the mansion she can't afford anymore and eventually turning to drugs.

    Oh man that would be awesome.

    You might say I'm mean but, honestly, there's nothing she does that 75% of the under 20 female population can't do, including singing. She shouldn't be worshipped by MTV, or Rolling Stone, or anyone that has an IQ above 80.
    Michael Peter

    If music be the food of love...
    play on

    William Shakespeare


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    Re: Poetic Justice !!

    And the band played on. Real pros those young guys! Good for them.

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    Re: Poetic Justice !!

    LOL !!!!

    Cant really blame Ashlee - she's just the puppett - blame the executives that thought it was a wise idea to ride the coat-tails of her marginally successful sister.

    "Sure, she's ugly - cant really sing - but her last name is a buzz word."

    Hope everyone is fired, - the only ones to make it out well will be the producers, engineers that made her sound good. Probably not what they want to do either, but in desperate times like these, it pays the bills.

    Geffen's spin was terrible "Computer glitch" --- so yeah sure --- we can accept that some parts are sequenced to make the show sound close to the record. Standard practice. But, ummmm ..... the vocal track on the sequenced parts ? Possibly she doubled the track in the first performance to 'enhance' her lack of live singing skills. But, after reviewing the original performance, i find no indication that she was really singing. No banter, no ad lib, no breathing.

    She faked it.


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    Re: Poetic Justice !!

    What chaps me is the way she through her band under the bus.

    "My band played the wrong song". Excuse me??

    So who was that singing? The drummer?

    Instant coffee, instant pop stars ..... yechh!
    - Layne

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    Talking Re: Poetic Justice !!

    HHAAAA computer glitch!!?? was it a mac or PC ?? maybe new logic 7??

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    Re: Poetic Justice !!

    Quote Originally Posted by mike harper
    HHAAAA computer glitch!!?? was it a mac or PC ?? maybe new logic 7??
    Nah, it was just a simple wardrobe malfunction.
    - Layne

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    Re: Poetic Justice !!

    On the west coast, there was no singing. I've got it TiVo'd and watched it a few times. The song starts, including the bass, but the bass player isn't playing at first. The Les Paul guitarist is late to start his fake, but catches up. The "singer" just dances, stops, dances, stops and eventually leaves. But I heard no vocals.

    Did they sanitize the west coast feed? To the layman it would look like they just played the wrong tune and she freaked.


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    Re: Poetic Justice !!

    i thought SNL was "live to tape" segments ?? they let that on the air?

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    Re: Poetic Justice !!

    Quote Originally Posted by mike harper
    HHAAAA computer glitch!!?? was it a mac or PC ?? maybe new logic 7??

    Actually - it was DP 4 (seriously)

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