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Topic: Question from a new member

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    Question from a new member

    Hi everyone.

    I would like to introduce myself as a new member on this forum.
    I´m a 24 year old musician from Sweden. I play the drums and I´m very interested in audio recording.

    I hope my membership will be a delightful experience for both me and everyone else.

    Now.. I wish to know if there´s someone experience the same problem as I when using the PMI Old lady.

    My setup is a Dell Laptop Inspirion 500m, Centrino 1.4 Ghz, 512 RAM 40Gb Hard drive 4200 RPM. (I think it´s called 600m in the U.S)
    Echo Indigo I/O Soundcard.
    Mackie 1402-VLZ
    Cubase SX 2.0

    My problem starts when I´m using PMI Old lady in Halion 2.
    It seems like the RAM or probably the Hard drive can´t keep upp with the samples. If I set the buffer size higher, the latency is to high, so I wonder if anyone knows to get around this problem, or another great piano sound that doesn´t require much of the computer, but still sounds great.

    Please help me.
    And sorry about my english, I´m swedish you know

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    Re: Question from a new member

    Hey and welcome!

    I'm sorry to say bro, but your computer seems to be a bit behind the times. The problem is probably going to be your hard drive, as even with my P3 1GHz machine I could still run everything fine with a 40GB 7200 RPM disk (although slowly). I am not too sure about how HALion works but I think that it will have a decent latency with the proper equipment. Also, what speed is your RAM? I have no trouble with my 333 DDR, but if you are still using the old SDRAM this might cause a problem too. Hopefully Mr. Post can share more advise with you because I don't know too much about that lib. Good luck!

    James W.G. Smith

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    Re: Question from a new member

    Your hard drive is not fast enough. If your machine supports Firewire, get a 7,200 rpm Firewire drive. If it only supports USB 2.0 get a 7,200 USB 2.0 drive. If no Firewire or USB 2.0, get another PC! Hard drive performance is the key to any sample player or multi-tracker.

    Another option might be to turn off disk streaming and run everything from RAM. I'm not sure if Halion allows that (I'm a Giga-guy - Giga is always from disk), and 512 MB is likely not enough RAM for the PMI piano. It would likley require 1 GB or more, but I'm not sure of its size.

    The external hard drive is a good investment. You can easily move it to a future PC whenever you might choose to upgrade.


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    Re: Question from a new member

    Just as I thought.

    I have had som plans to get an external hard drive running on USB 2.
    But will this work, and will it be faster than the internal hard drive?

    Do you guys have any other suggestions to a great sounding grand piano?

    I´ve heard about Miroslav. Any comments on that one?

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    Re: Question from a new member

    Are you looking for classical or more contemporary? Honestly, there are zillions of piano libraries, and I'm sure people will agree or disagree with some that I list. There's many I myself haven't even heard of that may far surpass these. I'd be interested to hear them if they exist! (I'm sure they do)

    For classical,

    The Eastwest Steinway B may be old (1998), but is still a great piano, but it uses Gigastudio as the sampler.

    The PMI Bosendorfer 290 is a VST plugin, 24-bit samples, and has extreme versatility in the effect you want for it.

    You also might to check out the Black Grand piano library. I haven't heard it yet, but I was impressed with the White Grand.

    For contemporary,

    Check out the White Grand library. I've messed with it in the past, and heard the demos. It's like something right out of a Diana Krall recording. It's a simply stellar jazz sound. Plus it has 32 velocities per note, which is more than any library I know of.



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    Re: Question from a new member

    Woooh.. hold your horses pal..
    Those samples you just mentioned, requires a whole lot of the computer I guess?
    I need a piano that´s small enough to fit in my pocket, and still sound like a million dollar grand piano

    Could someone sample it just for me?!

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    Re: Question from a new member

    Hej & Välkommen!

    We are currently working on smaller size pianos. Still in construction phase, and we are working with some ideas that's supposed to bring down the size and not harm the sound that much.
    But, these are probably months away...
    There are a plethoria of free soundfonts to be downloaded from different sites. You could always try one of these.

    Arf, arf, arf...

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    Re: Question from a new member

    Drive speed, seek time and interface protocol are important to Gigastudio, in particular I think they affect maximum polyphony (as does CPU speed).

    Ask around about the average 'throughput' of USB2 vs Firewire, and use the system which has the highest figures in that area. Multiple streams of audio and samples is a pretty huge burden for any data pipe. You need to make sure your is as big as possible.

    Make sure your laptop has USB '2'. If not, your external USB2 drive will drop to USB 1 speed, which is too slow. Most people with external drives seem to be using Firewire.

    Make sure your external drive's speed is ate least 7200.

    Make sure nothing else in your laptop's bus system is going to weigh in against the external drive's speed. No point in having a high performance V12 engine connected to square wheels

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    Re: Question from a new member

    You can also change you 2,5" hard drive (or add one if you have a free bay in your notebook).
    I suggest you, after having tried it, the 2,5" HITACHI Travelar 7200T 60Go... Yes it's a 7200T 2,5" hard drive!
    See : http://www.hitachigst.com/portal/sit...a0466460e4f0a0
    It is very silent and has great performance.

    An you can set it in an external firewire and/or USB2 box, with absolutly no need of another power supply (it's what I did).

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